I was browsing through the market recently and stumbled on this great time-waster and its called Racing Moto. I spotted it on the Honeycomb app list and quickly gave it a try on my Android tablet. While it works and plays great on Honeycomb the 10.1″ display does make the graphics get a little degraded but it looks and plays very similar on a smartphone and is super addictive.

Racing Moto is basically a very simple racer style game where you can weave in and out of traffic, but it gets hard and a little addicting when you crash and know you could’ve done better. It’s a fast paced motorcycle game that only gets faster when you tap the screen to enable the boost mode. Boost makes everything go faster and that includes the bonus points but watch out for blinkers because cars and trucks love to cut you off.

While this may not be a game you play for hours on end it is definitely a great way to waste time while watching commercials or if you don’t like the NFL half-time performance (I’m glad football is back). With decent graphics and addicting game-play it’s worth the price of FREE that is for sure although you do deal with a few on-screen ads here and there.

With decent graphics and great scenery if your not going too fast to enjoy it, this one is worth the download and I recommend you all give it a try. I noticed a few bugs and the sound effects might get a little repetitive but overall it’s fun and exciting. Don’t forget to watch out for walls otherwise you’ll be getting some road-rash from that too. Feel free to scan or click the QR code below to head over to the market and install.