It’s finally time again for the biggest Android developer event of the year, and Google’s throwing the party! Google I/O 2012 has begun – registry has begun, at least, and the big events start tomorrow morning bright and early! Join us all week long as we bring you all the greatest news and revelations as they occur from tomorrow morning until night on Friday!

The way you’ll want to join us here on Android Community is through any one of several of our Android-related portals. Being an Android site specifically means that essentially everything we’ll be posting this week will be coming from Google I/O 2012 more than likely, but if you’re aiming to grab only I/O news without a doubt, be sure to hit up the [Google I/O portal] – and stay there! You’ve also got the option of checking out our [Chrome portal] for everything related to the browser – which we expect will be much more integrated into the basic build of Android soon – and the operating system.

Take a peek through a recent timeline of Google I/O related news bits and stick around the whole week long for lots and lots of I/O action!