Notebooks running Google Chrome OS aren’t expected to hit the market until mid-2011, so until now the only way to get your hands on a Google laptop is to sign up to the search giant’s pilot program and hope you get picked to try out one of the 12.1-inch ultraportables. Now, though, there’s another way: Google has given us five Cr-48 notebooks to give away, two for Android Community members and three over at our sibling site SlashGear.

To take part, all you have to do is sign up as an Android Community member and reply to this post saying why you want a Cr-48 notebook, then send out the following message via Twitter:

Google Cr-48 @androids Giveaway:

Remember, Google is pushing their cloud apps in a big way with Chrome OS, and the Cr-48 is all about cutting ties and going mobile.

We’ll draw the first Android Community winner at random on Friday December 17 at midnight PST, and the second on Sunday December 19 at midnight PST. Unfortunately, due to the terms of Google’s pilot scheme, only US entrants can be accepted. Good luck!


Competition is open to residents of the US over the age of 18. Family members of Google and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified Android Community post; entries left in the comments section of any other post will not be recognized. One entry per person (and yes, we check). Winners of the Android Community Cr-48 giveaway are ineligible to win the SlashGear Cr-48 giveaway, and vice-versa.

The winners will be announced on Android Community and contacted via email or board message; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected. Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winner agrees that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to, Google and Android Community.

Prize consists of two Google Cr-48 notebooks to be shared between two winners. There is no cash alternative. Should this prize become unavailable, Android Community and Google reserve the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value.


  1. It’s like the limited edition of the Geek world. Almost like Wanka’s golden ticket. How could you not want one. All Ninja black, stealthy even. Count me in. @techvudu

  2. Chrome is cr-48 is going to be next revolutionary product coming from google and it will be going to grow big like android, so I donot want to be late on jumping this fastest nothing google explosive train.

  3. Im a college student who uses a Macbook Pro… freezes the battery sucks and it is overly praised among my friends! I want a chance to show them what Google can do!!!

  4. I want to prove to friends, relatives, and the non-profit I work with that moving into the cloud is not only easy but smart.

    Let me have one of these puppies and it’ll be another several nails in the coffin of MS Office.

  5. I really want to drop coffee, toast, a lawn gnome, and an ice cream sunday on my new CR-48 notebook that you give me while laughing aloud like the mad man I am! MuHAHAHA!!!!

    Nah just joshin.. I’m just a nerd trying to replace my current boat anchor of a laptop with a lightweight CR-48 Chrome OS GREATNESS also I wont be able yell anymore without a caps lock. 😉

  6. I want this to use the Google greatness to access the cloud while at school to assist with homework!

    Also because I am a huge Google fanboy.

  7. I would love to win 1 of these as I would use it daily and report to google for the beta program. It would go perfect with my nexus one.

    I love the actual android community as a whole and I love participating in updates, leaks, CM greatness. and everything else android related..

    thanks for the opportunity to win

  8. It’s a computer that is just about always connected. It’s not bogged down by applications and such. I cannot be the only one who can see the full potential of this. 😛

    Besides, it’s Google. And google is awesome. What more of a reason does one need? 😛

  9. I want a CR-48 to test it and give feedback everyday to make Chrome decimate every other netbook/notebook OS out there by the time it is released!!

  10. I am a recent Android convert and am becoming more and more aware and appreciative of Google’s tendency to cater towards the more tech-savvy of us. I have been excited to see what Chrome OS would be all about ever since I first heard about the idea, and a netbook to package it all up together would be a perfect way to experience it.

    Happy holidays everybody and good luck!

  11. With all the new devices i get, it proves more & more that cloud computing is the future. No more stopping to think, “Wait, where did i save that file?” when we already have access to webapps like Google Docs or even GMail isntead of using a desktop client for each & then needing to access it from another device.


  12. I want a Cr-48 so much that I will say it in 48 Languages separated by comas:

    I want a Cr-48, Quiero un Cr-48, Ek wil ‘n Cr-48, Unë dua një Cr-48, أريد برازيلي – 48 , Ես ուզում եմ CR-48, Bir Cr-48 istəyirəm, a Cr-48 nahi dut, Я хачу CR-48, Искам Cr-48, Vull un Cr-48, 我想要的Cr – 48, Želim Cr-48, Chci Cr-48, Jeg ønsker en Cr-48, Ik wil een Cr-48, Ma tahan Cr-48, Gusto ko ng isang CR-48, Haluan Cr-48, Je veux un Cr-48, Eu quero un CR-48, მინდა Cr-48, Ich möchte eine CR-48, Θέλω ένα Cr-48, Mwen vle yon CR-48, Cr-48 אני רוצה, मैं एक सीआर-48 चाहता हूँ, Szeretnék egy Cr-48, Ég vil Cr-48, Aku ingin-Cr 48, Ba mhaith liom Cr-48, Voglio un Cr-48, 私は、Cr – 48が欲しい, 난 – 48 CR에서 원하는, Volo-XLVIII Cr, Es gribu Cr-48, Noriu Cr-48, Сакам Cr-48, Aku ingin-Cr 48, Irrid Cr-48, Jeg vil ha en SP-48, 48 -من می خواهم کروم, Chcę Cr-48, Eu quero um CR-48, Vreau un CR-48, Я хочу CR-48, Желим ЦР-48, Chcem Cr-48.

    There You have it everyone, I said I want a Cr-48 in 48 different languages. Thanks.

  13. I would like one because my last laptop broke and I don’t have enough money to buy a new one.

    Also, I’m a big fan of Google and their vision of the web.

  14. I have been anxiously waiting for the day that Chrome OS is released! I know it is the way of the future. Google is visionary and I would love to be a guinea pig!

  15. I think you could share one of those notebooks with us for many reasons:

    ~Our top employee will get it
    ~You will get linked from our Review of Cr-48
    ~90% of our things we do has to do with Google Apps 🙂
    ~ We do reviews all the time, so testing & reviews for us are very common.

    Anyway, thanks for considering our participation, I registered username like the Name for Posting in comments.

  16. As a Software Engineering graduate student with little money, I want to get my start in the real world with something fresh and new. I believe that the Cr-48 would be a great platform to start my development career off of.

  17. I al always out and about and would like to try a device like this to see if it fits my needs. I am a CPA and alwasy need access to the intranet on the road.

  18. I want a Cr-48 notebook, because in spite of my failures with Pinky and The Brain, I want nothing more than to aid Google in trying to take over the world.

  19. Well I’m an electronics and computer engineering grad student with a penchant for anything related to Google. I’m all for using Google’s online services and I’m mighty impressed by that smooth notebook. Yeah, that’s pretty much all the reasons I want the notebook.…60319414960128 –> my tweet

  20. I already use Google for everything in my life (phone, docs, email, calendar). Making the leap to hardware and OS being Google as well would be great.

  21. Id like to receive the OS because it could be very usefull to me. Google is a part of my everyday comkunication and research engine, and i love it!

  22. I would love to be able to contribute back to the community on a CR-48 laptop from Google.
    ________ __
    /_ __/ / ___ ____ / /_____
    / / / _ | _ `/ _ / ‘_(_-<
    /_/ /_//_|_,_/_//_/_/_|___/

    ___ __ _ __
    / _ | ___ ___/ /_______ (_)___/ /
    / __ |/ _ | _ // __/ _ / // _ /
    /_/ |_/_//_|_,_//_/ ___/_/ _,_/

    _____ _ __
    / ___/___ __ _ __ _ __ _____ (_) /___ __
    / /__ / _ / ' / ' | // / _ / / __/ // /
    ___/ ___/_/_/_/_/_/_|_,_/_//_/_/__/_, /

  23. Well the above post didn’t work out so well!!

    Darn IE9, I guess all the more reason to want a Google Chrome Notebook, LOL!
    (It said “Thanks Android Community” FYI)

  24. I teach, and I’d love to use Google Chrome and the Cr-48 in the classroom, not only to prove that Google Chrome is an excellent computer system for education purposes, but also to show my students the very latest technology!

  25. I use Google applications (Mail, Docs, Picasa, Calendar, Reader) everyday. My life is becoming more and more “cloud-centric” and a Chrome laptop would provide a much cleaner way to do that. Besides, my other laptop died and we don’t have the cash to go out and buy a new one.

  26. I want a Cr-48 because I love Google chrome and cloud apps… and I pretty much live on them everyday. From using Gmail and Docs to Google Maps, News and Reader. I think the Chrome OS notebook is an elegant and nice design to get online quickly and accomplish everything that I need to do online. On top of it, I am also an avid PhAndroid.

  27. I love the understated, simple design of the hardware (I’m sure manufacturers will ruin that), and since I’m already a slave by my Android phone I already live life in the cloud.

    This would be my primary non-work computer.

  28. I would LOVE to grab one of these! I want to be on the cutting edge of Google’s latest endeavor in the world of cloud computing, and it would work perfectly for me, as almost everything I do now is already on the cloud!

  29. I am a poor student with a laptop that has been dying a slow death. I cannot afford to buy a new laptop but I also cannot afford to not have a laptop. Help me out!

  30. Well while it would be the perfect accessory for my Nexus One, I’d actually like to get a CR-48 to see if my Mom is comfortable using it. She already uses a Chrome on a wee 10″ elderly netbook and the bigger screen and better keyboard could allow her better typing performance. Plus she can use the video chat software to keep in touch with her kids all over the country.

  31. Why would I want a CR-48? First off, cloud computing is a great way to get things done anywhere without having to lug around the same computer and the CR-48 makes cloud computing an easy experience. The machine makes it much easier to access the web anywhere, via its built-in 3G. I think it would be a great machine to use, especially for web junkies, like me, who do everything on the web. Sometimes it may be hard to access the web in some places, but with the CR-48, it wouldn’t be a problem. People like me tend to use the internet in a variety of ways and having access to it anywhere is a great and useful feature on the machine.

    The apps included in the web store are great and would make using the machine fun and productive to use. With many great apps on the way in the near future, it would make cloud computing a much richer experience. Being a web developer myself, I think it would be great to design new apps to make the machine even better than it already is.

    I would love to use the machine and if I had one, it would make life a little more easier for me. Access to the internet anywhere I go would make it easy for me to quickly look up information, or do important things on the web that I would otherwise have to wait to do.

  32. I am a graduate student studing to be a school counselor. I love using google docs and my school uses it for IEP documents. My son is getting an Android cell phone for Christmas and I love my palm Trio phone. I would love to test the CR-48 and see how useful it would be for a full-time graduate student and during my practicum work in the school system. My husband is also a spectrum manager in the US Army and I’m sure he could find tons of ways to improve his job performace with a CR-48.

  33. You’d hard pressed to find a more avid Google fan. I love most of what they do, and use nearly all of their products/services. I live and breathe the internet. I love being in betas, first to contribute to making the product better for the resulting user, but also to experience something first.

  34. I was an early adopter of android and am looking forward to being an early adopter of Chrome OS. Looking forward to a kick-you-know-what Christmas gift 😉

  35. I want the Cr-48 because I do a lot of traveling for school. It would be perfect for me. And I do everything on the web, I never leave my browser. Please pick me! 🙂

  36. I’d like to have one. I’m currently in school and doing some software development. I also do a fair amount of web development and would consider developing an app or something for Chrome.

    It’s great to see new devices that have decent web browsers in them (especially important for Chrome OS) — mostly WebKit so far but any real browser is great.

  37. I’d like a CR-48 because, in my life, I am on the internet in one way or another almost constantly. I believe I’d be a great pilot candidate because I work from home on the internet constantly, for I am a writer and web developer, using the internet on my Vibrant, my PC and on my laptop all throughout the day for work and for my personal life.



  38. I would like a CR-48 beacuse,
    I am out in the field using my Nexus One trying to make AutoCAD-WS (cloud-based AutoCAD)changes. It would be so much easier on my eyes and job to have a 12 in. screen.

  39. I want to win a cr-48 because I live on the web and I’m always on the go and I would like a laptop that can keep connected at all times without the wait!

  40. I’ve been needing a netbook for a long time. Being a student and the president of a club sport, I would love to use a web-only netbook to track my coursework and make sure everything in my club is running smoothly using GDocs.

  41. i help run a non profit charity called comp4kids, where we refurbish hundreds of donated computers to children in need. Chrome os would be perfect for the computers based on older hardware, and it would be great to use a cr-48 for future reference.

    thats not to say im not a geek and wouldnt love to use chrome os anyways. ive been waiting in suspence for sooo long (as im sure everyone else has!)

    google ftw

  42. I want a Cr-48 because it epitomizes the future of computing, and I want to be among the first to live off of the Cloud. The Cr-48 isn’t perfect, but small improvements from testers can make it into something greater than it already is.

  43. I’m a developer in training and a newly converted android user. I plan to us this laptop as a platform to design apps and to see how I can integrate the chrome and android OS’s together.

  44. Wow. I’m dying to give this notebook a try. My P4 desktop is on it’s last legs so I’m looking for something to continue doing my college work on while working 2 part-time jobs. Big fan of Google chrome instant on web access. Between my Nexus One and Gmail I’m constantly on the web doing research while also looking for a quick and easy device to use while I study. Winning this would mean I can continue to work efficiently while testing a product I hope makes it to market. Gonna try my luck at this and see if this year can end with something to celebrate. Fingers crossed in T-7 sec. 🙂

  45. I would love to test this notebook.
    I am a boring person, and my life is so boring, and if I win maybe my life will be not boring.
    don’t you think this is a good idea?

  46. I would like this for my sister , she lives in a place without any internet including dial-up, but has Verizon coverage, and has no computer to use for school. This would change her life.

  47. I need a Cr-48, because I have an affinity for unstable isotopes. Actually, I really like the Chrome browser, and want to see how it runs on a dedicated device with limited RAM and CPU.

  48. Being stuck on a 6 yr old desktop really sucks. Granted, we have a laptop at home, but my wife is always using it for school (and facebook). When I travel I have to use my phone for any internet activity. Luckily, it’s Android and not a Blackberry….or even worse, an iPhone.

    Obviously, being a huge fan of Google/Android has me extremely interested in this netbook, and would love to get my hands on one of these. Help me get away from my desktop? Oh, and I heard it makes you super-cool.

  49. I would love this notebook. True Goggle supporter since the G1 I ve been buying every phone that comes out thru Tmobile thats Android also the Nexus one. Would be great for ther program as Im always online 24/7. #fingerscrossed eu

  50. I want a Chrome OS Notebook to be unshackled from poor connectivity. Tethering on ATT not as fun as it sounds. Also I have no notebook right now and I love Google. 🙂

  51. I want a Google Cr-48 because I have and always will love all things Google! I had to cancel Christmas this year so winning this would rock like no other…woo hoo! I’m 38 and going back to school next month. In a few short months I will be a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and this will help keep me connected to the online community at all times! This is not a high paying field so winning this would be incredible…

  52. I want one. I should have one because I have great influence over my friends, I have turned about 5 or 6 friends into life-long Android fans (from iOS, no less) and I am a typical gadget-freak who would provide great feedback to Google about their fantastic products. @JudiBarber

    Also, wouldn’t it be great to have photos of crochet Andy (@AndyAndroid) with the Cr-48??

  53. I would like a CR-48 because it would go perfect with my lifestyle. I am very mobile and I have a very transient life. I currently use a netbook and my cellphone data plan to meet my internet needs for work and school. I hope I get Chosen

  54. The reason why I would like a Google CR-48 is because I’d like a more up to date, portable, lightweight laptop than lunging around my heavy Toshiba laptop. It would be much easier to take to college and work too. Good luck everyone!

  55. I would love a Google CR-48 so I may be an earlier developer for chromeOS webapps and make sure they are stable and smooth on the CR-48 and future chromeos netbooks and notebooks.

    I was a very early adopter of Android and have purchased 6 different phones just to support Google and the community.

    G1, Cliq, Droid, Incredible, Fascinate. And have donated quite a bit of money to the developers of Android and custom roms.

    I was also a very early part of Android Community and lent a great deal of useful information to the community.

  56. I am itchin’ to get my hands on the CR-48 cause I already spend my entire time on my computer in Google Chrome. So why not make it official? 🙂

  57. Because I’m Rick James Bi…. no wait. Because I have just about everything else Google makes, and I want to see what Paddy Foran can really do with the A2C stuff. To top it off, I am going to strongly urge our company to become a Google Apps location and this will be a major price savings pointing out the lowered hardware requirements.

  58. I am flying from KY to NY through O’Hare Intl. at the end of the year and I have a BAD feeling I’m going to have a layover in O’Hare of >6-12 hours. Having a nice CR-48 netbook would really help pass the time (plus being able to show it off to all the real business travelers and their clunky laptops would be a huge perk)

  59. As much as I need a new computer (@BrandImprinted) is looking to win a CR-48 as a gift for my best friend who doesn’t have the funds to replace the laptop that was stolen from him. My fingers are crossed that I can brighten his holiday season.

  60. I want this because I develop for platforms, like android and the web, and my life is already in the cloud. I would love to have a CR-48 because it is the tool I need to advance myself into this “new age in computing”

  61. I’ve used gmail since the beginning and pre-ordered the g1. Here’s to hoping I can be an early adopter of the next big thing!

  62. I virtually live in the clouds already. I loss 1000,s of pics and documents when my laptop was stolen 4 years ago and since then I have been backing up everything on the couds and google services are a big part of that.

  63. Like the saying says: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Well, my Windows 7 pc is broken but I don’t really wanna fix it. Would much rather have me a sweet, sweet CR-48.

  64. I want a Cr-48 so I can have an awesome stealthy computer to take around with me that gives you a simple, yet effective browsing experience as I head to college! Thanks Android Community for this great opportunity, my two months with you guys were great! Continue to be the best provider of Android news, I could also use this to work on my site, Trojandynasty . com

    Android Community Username: Lakersfan2416
    Twitter: @TrojanDynasty

  65. I’d like to have one of these computers to pursue my endevors to create android applications and have the best chance to work with Google products.

    Thank you,

  66. I want a CR-48 so I have a notebook available on the fly but don’t have to drag along my big and valuable laptop.

    Android Community Username: masonfactor
    Twitter: masoneffect

  67. I am a student and blogger that needs a laptop that is quick and accessible for my daily mobile needs. Conventional laptops are too slow and clumsy so I would prefer a laptop that is quick and solely web app based. For my blogging needs and to access instructional materials, I would merely need internet apps and can forget regular computer applications.

  68. I actually applied through the google website and got one! I’m typing this message from the one I got special delivery yesterday. I’m so excited! This thing rocks man…working camera and mic, long lasting battery, 3g connection the minute I leave wifi. It’s fast, handles flash very well and I do not miss having a native OS. From what I can see it’s just a browser, I don’t have any of the normal window control radio buttons (expand, minimize, close). You close the lid it’s asleep open the lid and it’s ready to go. Rebooting is very simple and I love the finish, no prints and no screen glare either. Good luck to all who are trying to win one! If you have any questions you can ask me on my blog.

  69. I am a google fanboy, a fandroid and live in the Google cloud. As I sit typing this from my Google TV after having registered my android community membership from my Nexus One (yes pure Google).. I realize I really want this new Google gadget!!!

  70. I just happen to come across this page. What a great giveaway. Will this netbook run all my applications? What about internet. Will internet and emails work on it?

  71. @ Abhinav – It depends on what you mean by applications. Yes it runs most if not all google apps. Anything that would otherwise run natively on your computer it will not.

  72. I don’t see my previous comment, so here we go again…
    I would love to win a Cr-48 for several reasons. Firstly, it is a really, really cool computer!. Secondly, I am an experienced beta tester and an avid netizen. I’ve used Google products since middle school, and now that I’m in college I use them even more (yay Google Apps!). I can’t wait to try one out for myself!
    My forum username and twitter account are both mithrl, and my post is here!/mithrl/status/15320134893699072

  73. I want the cr-48 Because i am always online and always trying to find a better way to do everyday things online. I use Web apps all day long and would love to own a computer specialized for this type of computing.

  74. I’m constantly on the web, Whether it be on my android phone or android tablet. Being an avid android fan, it would be a great opportunity to test out the Chrome OS notebook and have a full experience of living on the web.

  75. I would love to win a Cr-48 notebook for my son who is graduating from high school this year and has been accepted by his school of choice! He could really use an amazing notebook like the Google Cr-48 with all of its amazing Cloud apps and more! I know this would give him a great start in his future endeavors! Thank you for the opportunity!

  76. I’d love a cr-48 so I could check it works on all the ‘dubious’ websites out there. That is what the internet is for, and I think I could just about manage to perform the odious task that is testing these sites on the cr-48 😉 Just kidding guys!

  77. I want to get a Cr-48 to share with my son, a junior in high school. The Cr-48 would be a wonderful device to research with and do homework assignments on. I helped my son move to the Google web some time ago and he now does a lot of his work on Google docs, but he’s tied to his desktop and has to take notes at the library and bring them home. With a Cr-48 he could do on-line and hardcopy research and complete the assignment all at the same time.

  78. I’m not sure if your supposed to post here or in the other post?

    First i would use the laptop for college, it will be great because i live on the internet. Second is at work, communicating with my boss and sending work to my main computer. And last but not least, my family. The apps are great for communication.

  79. I’d love to win a CR-48 notebook. It has great capabilities, is perfect for work since I practically live on the web (I got a 10 on the quiz(: ), it’s perfect for development, and it’s by Google. I use Google products all the time and I’d be honored to be picked to test such an amazing device. I hope I have a chance at testing it; I’d really like to contribute some feedback and ideas for the CR-48. Long live the cloud. 😛

    Thanks for the opportunity to be able to win a CR-48.

  80. I would like a CR-48 because I would really enjoy using it in my college classes in the spring! Cloud computing with a University covered by WiFi would be amazing!

  81. I’d love a Cr-48 because I am a huge Google fangirl. I cracked my screen on my ACER and really need a new notebook/netbook for my business so I can support my family. I do most of my work in the cloud. I do most of my volunteer work in the cloud using Google products (from cat rescue to transforming communities). Finally, I’m over 50 and traditionally, communities support their old wise women with offerings and gifts. I’ll even trade ya some herbal potions or a pair of knit socks!

  82. I have 4 in house sharing 1 desktop & 1 laptop. The Cr-48 would be used for everything from Webkinz to Facebook to college papers, music photos and everything else. I am extra willing to leave feedback for Google to help make this the best OS it can be for all of us. Help hook my family up for the holidays and I will repay the community.

  83. Hi Android Community,

    I’ve been looking at the cr48 for a while now, and I think that while the premise is great, it will also rely on some lightweight offline applications as well, just so that a person can do work where there isn’t wifi or cell service. These applications would automatically sync back to the cloud as soon as they could, but would still provide the offline use that most people are used to. Simply put, I’d like to program them.

    I’m a long time iPhone and iPad developer, and I making my way to being 100% in the cloud. I’ve applied for the device from google, but haven’t heard anything back. I love this site, and it’s my first bookmark in chrome.

    Thanks so much,


  84. Not going to twitter this to try o win one as it is only for you lucky U.S.A. residents to enter this competition.

    I am in the U.K. so we in Europe miss out again!!


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