The past few weeks sure have been a good time to be a fan of Android Community as we have been giving away Android Honeycomb tablets. This was our first Tabletpalooza Giveaway and trust me more will be coming soon. Thanks to NVIDIA we were able to give away not one, but five dual-core Tegra 2 tablets over the past few weeks and for that everyone should thank NVIDIA. Now for the winners…

Just to refresh everyone here was the original Week 3 Tabletpalooza Post so be sure to check that out as well as the Week 1 & 2 Winners round-up story. We had thousands of entries over at Google+ and you can see plenty of those comments over at the Google+ Giveaway Thread, we even cleared Google’s comment limit and had to open new threads a few times. We loved reading all the comments and appreciate each and every entry, but the time has come to announce the winner and that person is:

Josh Oman Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congrats Josh, you are the winner of the Android Community Tabletpalooza Giveaway Week 3 of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi. I think the fact that you were willing to bow to my greatness might have influenced our decision making so congrats for being our winner!

In case you readers didn’t know this same Giveaway was also going on at the same time with our sister site and here is the Week 3 giveaway details for SlashGear. While we are here I figured I’d be nice and announce the SlashGear winner at the same time so here she is:

Kirsty Lawer

Kirsty is the lucky winner of the SlashGear TabletPalooza Acer Iconia Tab A500 Android Tablet, everyone be sure to say congrats over on Google+ to both of our lucky winners.

Now remember one thing loyal readers, this is just ONE of MANY giveaways and we have big plans coming up very very soon so you better stay tuned right here at Androidcommunity and don’t go anywhere or you might miss the next big thing. This was a great way to end our first annual Tabletpalooza Giveaway and plan to have many more to follow. More details are coming soon for the next giveaway so stay tuned!

Again we would like to thank everyone for entering on both Android Community and SlashGear for this giveaway. We also can’t forget the amazing team at NVIDIA for not only providing amazing Tegra 2 dual-core tablets for the world, but also for sending us a few to give away to our readers and for that we want to take this moment and say, Thank You NVIDIA!