Hey everybody first off we want to say Thank You as always for being loyal supporters and readers of Android Community. We love seeing all the entries and submissions over on Google+ and the amount of interaction and engagement is awesome. Today we have a winner for the Archos 70 Internet Tablet Giveaway.

We love having these quick little giveaways and this time we were able to offer up the Archos 70 Android tablet. To see all the engagement and original thread on G+ you can head here. And if you didn’t win we still have the Archos 101 Giveaway on SlashGear so hurry and enter to win the 70’s bigger brother.

Now for the winner…. +Anthony Banks Congrats! We hope you love your new toy.

Here is the announcement over on Google+

For those that entered either giveaway make sure to say thanks to Archos for giving us this opportunity and don’t forget to thank +Vincent Nguyen either as he is the man behind these awesome giveaways. Now if the Archos isn’t your thing we still have our final Tabletpalooza Giveaway ending this next week and we are handing out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 so make sure and enter that for your chance to win.

Again we’d like to thank everyone that entered, and Archos for making this possible. If you didn’t win stay tuned for the next giveaway in a week or so. See ya next time!