Welcome to Android Community’s App of the Week, where we highlight an outstanding app that you should know about, but probably don’t. There were a lot of solid new apps this week, and of course the conclusion of Google’s 10 Billion Apps promotion. But one app that I’ve been relying on heavily for a while and which deserves your attention is Craigslist HD for Tablets. If you’ve got a Honeycomb tablet and a nearby Craigslist hub, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Many of us use Craigslist as our proffered second-hand market, job fair, housing service and (ahem) more. But even the most fervent of Craigslist users would have to admit that the web version is sparse, if not ugly. Craigslist HD for Tablets takes the simple for sale, job, personal and housing listings and presents them in a beautiful Honeycomb-friendly tabbed format. The clean look of Craigslist is preserved, while updating the interface to compliment modern mobile UIs. While of course it’s not as fast as zipping through the web site with a mouse and keyboard, it’s much, much faster and easier than navigating via a mobile browser.

All the standard functions of Craigslist are present for the supported sections, including the all-important advanced search. Craigslist HD actually handles photos much better than its web counterpart, presenting them in a nearly full-screen gallery to take advantage of your tablet’s resolution. On listings with full photos or extensive HTML, the viewer pane gets a little cramped, but I haven’t seen any major issues so far. The home screen keeps track of listings you’ve replied to and your recently viewed items, and you can save, share or reply to the seller right in the app. Every listing has a link to the web version, just in case.

Developer Justin Burnette seems quite dedicated to keeping the app in tip-top condition – in fact, the latest release was just yesterday. And like Craigslist itself, Craigslist HD for Tablets is free. If you’re even a casual browser of Craigslist, download it in the Android Market now. Unlike that $20 unlocked DROID RAZR purchase from Honest Harry, you won’t be disappointed.