Today I have decided to show you guys this awesome game called Biofrenzy: Frag The Zombies! This is one sweet game for Android tablets, it runs and looks great on the larger 10″ screen and the graphics are just stunning and extremely fluid thanks to the NVIDIA dual-core processor in Honeycomb tablets these days. I’ve made a quick video and hands-on for you all to enjoy and watch before you dive in because it does cost around $2.00 so I figured you’d like a preview first.

Biofrenzy is a shoot-em up fast-paced side scrolling action game optimized for Android. While they may have a few spelling errors in the description on the Android Market they game is pretty stellar. I must warm you that this game is pretty violent and should probably be rated like PG-13 or so for all the blood and killing. The video clearly will show you what I mean with Zombies exploding and flying to pieces and don’t even get me started on the chainsaw.

BioFrenzy Hands-on Gameplay
[vms 328ecb03c598409e2b16]

The description in the market explains things pretty well. It has extremely great graphics and they even call them razor sharp HD graphics. The game gets quite difficult and the intensity picks up really fast and doesn’t slow down, you’ll have to learn to use your weapons wisely and save the shotguns or fully automatics for when you really need it.

One of the things I like the most is the sound effects, it gives the game a very unique and immersive feeling. The gun animations and sounds are top notch all sounding a bit different and when you get a powerful gun you sure can tell from the sound it makes, and the zombies exploding all around you. If you get enough power-ups you can get the ultimate weapon — a combat robot.

Features include:

– 20 unique weapons
– 4 original sound tracks
– 3 difficulty modes – never challenge insane as a beginner!
– Multiple upgrades on skills and hit point
– Simple to get started, more depth of gameplay soon follows
– Intuitive touch controls
– Step by step tutorial, guides and hints

The shoot and run crazy action is extremely exciting and addicting, I’ve been playing this game for a few nights now and I can’t seem to put it down even though the sound effects might irritate those around me — I love them. Like mentioned above the game is actually $2.05 in the market so feel free to check out my video above before you give it a try. My only complain as stated in the video is slightly long load times but that should be improved with further updates.

Click or scan the QR code below for instant access to download the game in the Android Market. Enjoy!