Who loves Android? If you’d like to show your spirit or simply love the Andrew Bell Collectible Android series we have some excellent news. Previously these were only limited edition toys that sold out in minutes but it appears they are about to go big. They’ve announced the Open Big Box Edition series 1 today that will be available in large retailers around the country instead of only online.

Local malls and shops such as Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble or even F.Y.E are currently, or will soon be offering these Android Collectible toys right in their stores. What’s even better is these aren’t blind boxes either. You’ll be able to see and choose the one you’d like instead of hoping for a good one like the blind boxes sold online.

This new box edition will differ from the special and limited edition sets that have exclusively launched from DYZPlastic but will still be collectors items and wildly popular that is for sure. We are hearing they will cost around $9.99 a pop and are available now. Sure beats paying the high eBay prices we’ve seen since they’ve became so popular as of late. We are still expecting the special edition series 3 to come soon, and were just leaked yesterday so check out the details below.

I’d be headed to my nearest store before all the die-hard Android fans scoop up all the stock on these awesome little figures. I have plenty myself and am about to get a few more.

[via DYZPlastic]