Behold the future! Take a peek here at this lovely little chart and the following report detailing the oncoming taking over of the world by Android. In US Smartphone Operating System Shares you’ll notice the steady decrease of RIM BlackBerry OS – as Apple iOS and Android steadily increase. Apple appears to be increasing very VERY gradually (starting at 27.9% and ending up at 28.6%,) while Android appears to be ROCKING really freaking HARD (starting at 15% and ending up at 25.8%.) These statistics take place during the months of June and November 2010 – and that’s not all!

Further statistics reported by The Nielson Company show US Smartphone Operating System Share 6 Month Recent Acquirers, amplifying the appearance of Android taking over the world as iOS steadily increases and RIM BlackBerry OS tanks. Watch out, world!

[Via Neilsen]