Motorola has been pushing fairly regular updates for the camera app. That comes because the app is already available by way of the Play Store. And with that in mind, it looks like Google could be getting ready to do the same. Some talk of an updated Android camera app has surfaced and along with talk of it coming available by way of the Play Store — there appears to be quite a few worthwhile changes and improvements coming.

Changes and improvements may be a big aspect of this particular update, however the app making entry in the Play Store is the bigger picture here. As we’ve been seeing with Motorola — this could mean more frequent updates, and in turn, a much better app down the line. But while we can speculate about the camera app receiving frequent updates we also cannot ignore what could be coming with this initial release.

To begin with, there was talk of the app landing in the Play Store with support for non-Nexus devices provided they are running Android 4.4 or later. This still means a limited amount of Android users will benefit, but that is much better than only Nexus users. Changes are said to include a refreshed user interface as well as improvements for Panorama and Photosphere modes. There was also mention of a background blurring effect and support for third-party filters.

Another change is said to deal with the framing. Google is expected to make changes so users will have a no-crop viewfinder. Or in simpler terms, your picture will show just as it did while looking through the viewfinder (display) when you were taking the picture. Anyway, it looks like the Android camera app could be seeing quite a few improvements but we do have to remember — this has yet to be confirmed by Google. And well, not that we expect this to be a hoax, but it is April 1st.

SOURCE: Engadget