Android Camera Switches

The Android OS will only continue to improve as a lot of developers are working on new features and updates. Advancements in security and privacy can be expected. It’s about time The Android development team really needs to get more serious about many areas. Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world. That won’t change anytime soon as more Android phones are being sold each day. Good thing there is the Android Accessibility Suite that now features an Accessibility API that lets you control your devices.

Camera Switches is new bit it’s only available on the Android Accessibility Suite app’s Beta version 12.0.0. The idea is for those with disabilities to access their device using different accessibility tools.

This Android Accessibility Suite app is part of the Android 12 beta release. It’s available now for Pixel phones. If you own a Pixel device, you can check Camera Switches to Switch Access. The tools let you connect and interact with your phone or tablet without having to use the touchscreen.

You can connect to another device via Bluetooth or USB. You can use it to scroll, select times, and type among others. Camera Switches lets you just use your face.

Facial expressions that may be accessible and really work include smiling, opening mouth, raising eyebrows, looking up, looking right, and looking left. With such expressions, you may soon go to Home Screen, go back, scroll backward or forward, and map to a touch and hold gesture.


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