We’ve read numerous statistics and studies that say that our attachment to our smartphones is not that healthy anymore. You would think that OEMs and tech companies would either try to ignore that or have counter-arguments about it. However, it looks like they’re taking steps to actually help people curb this “addiction” by coming up with tools to help us manage how we use our devices. Google is the latest one to do so and they will soon be bringing Android Digital Wellbeing tools to our Android devices.

Google VP of Product Management Sameer Samat announced at the ongoing Google I/O 2018 that they are introducing Android Digital Wellbeing tools and that you will be able to access them in the beta version of the Android P which is already available today for developers and beta testers. The tools and controls will be included in the Android P dashboard so there should be no excuse that it’s not that easy to use them. You can also see a wide variety of data points (which developers can also access with your permission) which should let you evaluate how you use your device.

The Digital Wellbeing tools are options you can use so you can use to curb or manage your smartphone use. Wind Down lets you set a bed time and when that time is getting closer, your phone will turn to grayscale and all the color will drain from your device, which should be a signal for you to stop using it. Shush is a new Do Not Disturb mode that will not just silence your calls and messages but also your notifications. Just flip your phone over, face down, and shush will be activated.

Those who will be exploring the Android P public beta can already check out the Digital Wellbeing tools. Head on over to Google Android Beta to check it out.

VIA: SlashGear