After Android 7.0 is 7.1.1. And what comes after 7.1.1? It’s Android 7.1.2. While other phones have yet to receive the chunky update, most Google-branded devices are almost ready for another round of update. We don’t know when the rest of eligible phones will receive Nougat but we’re hoping they soon will even before Android O is served. It’s the truth but updates are really slow at this point. There’s nothing we can do but just wait.

Over at the Android Beta Program Gooogle+ community page, Pixel/Nexus Community Manager Orrin Hancock shared that a new beta update is being prepped for Nougat MR2 (build NPG47I). The update will soon be ready on the following Google devices: Nexus Player, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel C, Pixel, and the Pixel XL. These eligible devices will receive Android 7.1.2 anytime soon but only the beta version. It may not be final but it’s the latest from the Android team.

Android Nougat 7.1.2 Beta 2

This Android Nougat 7.1.2 Beta 2 is said to include a new multitasking UI and launcher for the Pixel C and add fingerprint gesture to the Nexus 6P. This is just a minor update for those part of the Android Beta program. There may be notable changes we haven’t seen so feel free to share them in the comments secion below.

Update will be released over-the-air (OTA). The system image page will also be ready soon but for now, please be patient. And to other Android device users that don’t have Nougat yet, please be more patient and understand too. It’s coming soon, promise!

VIA: XDA Developers

SOURCE: Orrin Hancock