According to Chinese firm ArcherMind Technology, this is the world’s first embedded Android-based navigation system. It comes with a seven inch touchscreen (WVGA 800×480) display and is capable of web browsing over 3G or Wi-Fi.

The ArcherMind SatNav was demoed at the Embedded Technology tradeshow in Japan, and quickly caught the attention of many. Who wouldn’t like to have an Android on the dash of his/her car, right? Unfortunately, it appears there’s no plans to release this gadget in America any time soon.

This device runs on a Marvell processor, it also has a hard drive and SD slot, is capable of playing your music, and it can even send SMS messages. The Android SatNav will be able to provide carmakers an advanced system for next generation car infotainment device, according to ArcherMind. And apparently, one unnamed Chinese auto maker is considering this device to be available in Q1 2010 in their cars.

[Via SlashGear]