We don’t cover Android Auto much because unlike Android phones and tablets, there aren’t too many vehicles with dashboards running it. We know time will come that anything with wheels on the road will have some sort of computer or mobile platform but for now, it may take tech companies and car makers a long time before it becomes a standard.

As for Google, its Android Auto is slowly being adopted by companies. It has Apple’s CarPlay as its direct rival but we have a feeling Android Auto will take over especially with the recent update released by the Android team. The Android Auto app has just received an update that lets the driver interact with Google Play Music. No, not while driving but while the vehicle is parked. We’re not sure why such feature is limited but at least it’s a nice improvement and addition especially to those drivers who also like to drown in their favorite music while on the road.

This update means you won’t have to experience lockouts when using Google Play Music. Tap and scroll on the screen when the car is not moving. You see, Android Auto apps usually behave differently when the car is moving and when it’s not. Most infotainment systems behave that way for security and protective reasons but this update somehow tells us that Android Auto might be headed in a different direction.

It was Google who rolled out the update which could also mean other devs may be able to do the same in the near future. Then again, this could just be in the experimental stage so we’ll see if Google will make related announcements soon.

VIA: Android Central

SOURCE: Android