At yesterday’s Google I/O conference, it wasn’t just about apps and software for your smartphones or smartwatches, but Android Auto also got a fair share of the attention. An update to the platform which will be coming in the next few months will improve drivers’ user experience like the addition of wireless connectivity, voice activation improvement through the magic words OK Google, and the addition of the ever helpful Waze to help you navigate traffic better.

While we all know that keeping your eyes off the road even for just one second is of course dangerous, we still can’t help but keep connected even as we’re driving. That is why you have platforms and tech like Android Auto. But to help keep our hands on the steering wheel and our eyes on the road, there needs to be several improvements and changes to it. One of this will be wireless connectivity. You can keep your connected smartphone or tablet inside your bag and away from temptation, as your factory-fit infotainment system will serve as your screen and there should be no difference in speed as with a wired link.

Another thing that should keep drivers safer (in theory) is the hot-triggering phrase “Ok Google”. Currently, you can only start Android Auto and the command thereafter, by pushing a button on the steering wheel or on the car’s touchscreen. But with the addition of “Ok Google” plus the command you want it to do or the thing you need it to search, it should make things easier and safer.

Lastly, even though Google Maps is at times pretty helpful, there is still nothing more useful for drivers (at least for now) than Waze and its crowd-sourced and more detailed information. It will soon arrive on your Android Auto dashboard and help you navigate your way around familiar and unfamiliar areas. All these updates will come to the platform in the next few months.

VIA: SlashGear