In-car infotainment systems are now a must have when you’re buying a new car or when you’re trying to upgrade your new one. But some brands don’t have support for the more popular ones and instead will have their own. But Jaguar and Land Rover says, can’t you have both? And that’s exactly what they will be bringing in their 2019 models as Android Auto support will now be available as an option. Existing models will also be able to upgrade to this platform, that is if they have the brand’s existing infotainment system.

All of the cars from the brands that have the InControl Touch Pro or the Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems will now have an optional smartphone connectivity package wherein Android Auto is one of the supported options. For the 2019 models and onwards, that option is immediately available for them. For those that already have existing, older models, you will have to go to the factory or a dealer to have the option installed.

Having Android Auto support inside your car will minimize you fiddling around with your phone while you’re driving, which, if you didn’t know yet, is bad for your health. You’ll be able to make Google Assistant and its voice commands and requests really work for you so you don’t need to touch your phone at all. You can also get several Android Auto-compatible apps that are built to reduce distractions.

The bad news is that for you to be able to add Android Auto support, you’ll have to shell out $280, depending on the model and trim level. But if you really want Google’s infotainment system platform, then this should not be an issue. Jaguar and Land Rover will also offer a subscription model, although the details aren’t yet available.

In the UK, they have already started rolling out the Android Auto option for the existing vehicles. However, there is no schedule yet as to when this will be available in the US and elsewhere.

VIA: SlashGear