2022 Porsche Taycan Android Auto

Porsche design on smartphones and smartwatches used to be a thing. We believe other OEMs will still use the Porsche name to sell but for the actual Porsche brand, it continues to improve on many areas. The dashboard game of 2022 Porsche Taycan models is getting upgraded with Android Auto. New Porsche vehicles are set to receive Android Auto on their infotainment system. Some Porsche vehicles already have Apple CarPlay but they are also getting Android Auto soon so more people can enjoy them.

Porsche will be implementing wired Android Auto. This means you still need an Android smartphone to connect via a USB-C port inside the Taycan. You may notice Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system will deliver a number of big improvements apart from the addition of Android Auto.

The Voice Pilot voice-control has been improved. It is clearer and understands natural language commands better.

Expect new features and enhancements including faster navigation system when it comes to route planning. Notice the redesigned graphics on the UI. Apart from Android Auto, future vehicles will also feature Remote Park Assist. This means remote manoeuvring of the electric vehicle in/out of parking spaces. From a smartphone, you can do parallel parking and even park in perpendicular areas.

Android Auto integration is an important improvement for the Taycan family. It works directly with the Porsche Communication Management. Once phone is plugged in, Taycan owners can enjoy all the Google and Android functions available like the Google Assistant.


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