Android Auto 2019

Android Auto has been around for almost five years now. As with all platforms, it’s evolving it continues to improve. It’s now integrated with numerous devices and services. Over 500 vehicle models from different brands are now supported but we’re expecting more will be added to the list. Android Auto differs from Android Automotive but the former also needs to be enhanced. Any driving experience can be made better when Google gets in the picture. The latest Android Auto update delivers a new design that will be rolling out to all compatible vehicles.

Android Auto now features a new interface. The changes are obvious for frequent users. More information is shown at a glance so drivers can navigate even faster. More common tasks can be done on Android Auto like turn-by-turn directions while other apps are running.

You can see the directions on the screen while other apps are also active. Listen to your favorite music as soon as you start your car. Android Auto will then launch a navigation app that will guide you to your destination.

You will also see a new notification center that shows new messages, alerts, and recent calls. Seeing all the important information on one screen is helpful so you can easily act on them. You can read, listen, or call back directly from the screen.

The Google Assistant is activated when you say “Hey Google” as usual. You won’t have to tap on the screen frequently because voice commands may be enough.

Android Auto now includes a dark theme for easier viewing. Notice the bigger fonts and colorful accents for better visibility. Ongoing calls and playback controls can also be shown on the display.

More Android Auto and Android Automotive-related new will be shared this week at the Google I/O. A ‘What’s New with Android for Cars’ session will be held later today, May 7, 4-5PM (PST) at the conference.


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