Google is making the right moves with Android Auto for wider adoption by app developers, manufacturers, as well as users. The platform has been around for quite some time now but there has been reluctant adoption by carmakers and app developers. Partly because of the stringent set of requirements for apps owing to safety. To make things easier for both to work with Android Automotive OS, Google has made some announcements that are exciting.

Now, Google will allow third-party apps – other than the existing media and messaging apps – to be a part of the ecosystem just like the seasoned Android OS. The upcoming Android 11 OS will bring more openness for Android Auto apps for driving optimization. For example, navigation apps or EV charging apps will be coming to the platform along with six other apps, which have been optimally designed for Android Auto.

If all goes well one can expect more flexibility for Android Automotive app developers. For now, it is going to be an early access model as Google has partnered with TomTom, MapFactor, and SpotHero. They’ll design more navigations apps – other than Google Maps and Waze – giving the users more to choose from. The electric vehicle charging and parking apps are also on Google’s priority list for starters.

Adoption for Android Automotive OS has also been better with the likes of Renault, Volvo, and GM slated to have the Google’s OS tailored for automobiles. Till now, only Polestar 2 was the sole adopter of the operating system. More flexibility in developing Android Automotive OS-based apps will also give momentum for wider acceptance in the coming years.


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