While a lot of sneaker-heads and early adaptors were pretty excited about the Nike smart sneakers, we have to remember it’s early days and so you can expect problems. Apparently that’s what’s happening now with the Adapt BB and a bad Android app update. Users have started complaining that either the left or right sneaker isn’t pairing up with the Nike app anymore as the update has seemingly affected the shoes’ software and motors. iOs users aren’t having the same problem though.

When Nike first unveiled its Adapt BB smart sneakers last year, the demo in their HQ was just for the iOS app but they eventually released an Android app as well. But it looks like they haven’t given it as much attention to detail as the iOS app because now users are complaining that a recent update has affected the sneakers themselves, causing the motors to stop working and some even had the physical buttons malfunctioning as well.

Some of the sneakers shipped with an earlier version of the Nike Android app and when they didn’t receive the update in time, it caused the sneakers to lock up. Some users were able to make it function again after a hard reset but some still had trouble making the physical buttons work.

One of the most appealing features of the smart sneakers is that it can lace itself and the shoes automatically adjust to your feet depending on what you’re doing. If the mechanism doesn’t work as it should, then you’ve wasted $350 for just a normal pair of sneakers. Hopefully Nike will be able to fix this eventually.

VIA: The Verge