If you are the sort that is into some sort of action sport where you like to record yourself doing things like skateboarding, biking, or racing cars you may have one of the little camcorders that you can wear or mount in weird places. One of these camcorders is called the Contour+. This little camcorder can be mounted just about anywhere thanks to the small size.

The catch with such a little camcorder is that there is no LCD screen so you really can’t tell what the camera is recording. An app for the Contour+ camcorder has landed for the Android platform called Contour Connect. The app turns your smartphone into a wireless viewfinder. That means you can use the screen of your smartphone to line up your shot.

The app will also show you the remaining battery life in your camcorder and allows you to change the camera settings. The settings that can be adjusted using the app include video mode, video quality, mic, GPS, and lighting. The app is free and is on the Android Market right now.


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