Hunting is a big deal all around the world. This time of year in the US, hunters are out stalking deer all around the country. In other parts of the world, hunters are at it looking for their preferred game. French hunters have a new app that they can download on Android devices that will keep them connected to the hunters while they hunt.

The app is in French only right now, but will be offered later in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and it is called Mobichasse and is from Chasseur d’ Antan. The app is intended to let the hunter upload a post to their personal blog during a hunt or upload to a group blog.

It can be used to publish observation reports, hunt reports, and more. Photos can be sent using the app from all around the world. The lite version of the app limits users to consulting the directory, address lists, hunting offers, advertisements, and news feeds on Actulive.