There really is an app for everything out there. This has to be one of the most niche apps I have ever seen for the Android platform .The app is called the ATMtech Mobile App and it is available for free on the Android Market right now.

The app is for techs that repair the ATMs that give us cash when we need it. The app has all sorts of info and details in it that will help the service techs in the field diagnose and repair the machines.

The app offers a listing of ATM error codes, ATM owner manuals, how to video series, and information for calling the manufactures and tech support lines. The app offers info specifically for Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung, Triton, Genmega, NCR and WRG branded ATM machines.


  1. Actually, this is exactly the sort of thing android needs for serious enterprise adoption. These kinds of apps run every large business out there and the pundits focus more on mp3 or video playback, which is nearly useless in the enterprise.

    We have hundreds of domain-specific apps like this at work. A moble platform that supports this kind of stuff will gain traction, even if the execs prefer iPads.

  2. Oh-No, remember that kid that Googled for ATM manuals, he discovered the banks weren’t changing admin/admin! People were coming back for the low hanging fruit for days.


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