XDA Developers has just announced the availability of a new version of the Android APKTool. This software, which is used for decompiling and recompiling Android packages or APKs, has undergone a code overhaul and includes changes that will make it easier to use.

Re-engineering Android packages is one of the a favorite activities of developers and modders, leading to the creation of many tools for that purpose. One of the most popular ones is the APKTool from XDA member Brut.all. Unfortunately, the tool only provides a command line interface that raises the entry barrier for novice tinkerers.

XDA member Flextrick developed the Android APKTool to make things easier for beginners by providing a graphical user interface. For this new version, the tool underwent a massive code rework. Users now have an option between the Android package (APK) or Java archive (JAR) formats. A new folder structure was introduced to give a better overview of the package and modified files will now reside in their own folders.

As in the previous version, the tool runs only on Windows with Java and .NET frameworks installed. At the moment only the Windows 8 version has been updated to version 2.0 while the Windows 7 version is stuck at 1.2. However, the Windows 8 version will still work on the Windows 7 aside from a broken layout.

SOURCE: XDA Developers