Google has started to crack down on mobile apps that are abusing the Accessibility Services. There is such a thing as using them for purposes other than accessibility. The open platform that is Android, over the years, has done the mobile community several harm because of security and vulnerability problems. To improve on the process, Google has asked app developers to use Accessibility Services to ensure Android is protected.

An Accessibility API was released to help people quick fill out forms, control some functions, and automate actions. It was aimed to assist the disabled users. The intention was noble but the Google has to make some adjustments since there have been devs abusing it.

Google has changed the process a bit so instead of implementing, the tech giant paused the accesibility app ban. Google will then ask the services and apps of their responsible and innovatice use plus an explanation why permissions are being asked.

This now means Google will have to be involved more in app screening. Ideally, it shouldn’t be a problem and could be a welcome change but we’re hoping the tech giant will speed up evaluation and approval of apps that need those accessibility features.

VIA: Android Police

SOURCE: Reddit