No matter how advanced our smartphones have become, with their bezel-less display, high-end camera lenses, lightning-quick processors, etc, one thing has still remained the same: fast-draining batteries. Yes, there is quick-charge support and battery extension accessories, but it’s still hard to keep the juice from going out fast. We’re not seeing any solution just yet but the Android 8.1 Developer Preview shows a tool which will help you figure out which app or apps are the most battery draining ones.

There are of course apps that you can download to help check which apps are vampires, draining your phone of blood (battery). But to have something built-in to the system is another thing. In the Developer Preview for the upcoming Android 8.1 Oreo, you can go to the Battery settings and you’ll notice that there’s an app highlighted in the app that has a red warning icon. Obviously, it “won” the battery draining app Olympics.

It will also tell you how it’s draining it, like the Maps or Tile app constantly requests your location or the Fenix app keeps your device awake. Now in the case of some apps like Maps, you probably need the location turned on because that is its purpose. But in case you don’t need it, then you have the option to either close the app and turn location services off to conserve your battery life.

This will be a pretty useful built-in tool when Android 8.1 finally rolls out. There are also suggestions about showing non-app reasons for battery drainage, but that will probably be in the future. For now, let’s wait for this battery tool and in the meantime, just do it manually or through another battery focused app.

VIA: Android Police


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