The latest Samsung Galaxy devices are finally getting Android Marshmallow which includes a number of enhancements plus new features. With the mobile OS update, Samsung’s native Internet browser also receives new functionality, improved privacy, and better security. The Cross app allows the mobile user to access other apps even while inside a messaging app for example. No need to go out of the current app just to finish a new task as the introduction of the Cross app lets more applications to interact and work together.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow also brings enhanced protection so no one can view your browser’s history. Just use the Secret Mode on your Samsung Internet 4.0 browser so you won’t leave any cookies or trail behind. Make sure the Secret Mode is enabled when browsing so your Internet browser won’t remember any data, passwords, or any information. It works with the phone’s fingerprint scanner system for future authorization as made possible by the Secure Web Auto Login feature.

We all know that virtual reality will be advanced this year and Samsung is one of the forerunners in the game with the launch of the Gear VR headset. The first pre-orders of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will get a free pair of the Gear VR which is originally $99.

Samsung Internet 4.0 brings an improved, seamless, and more immersive virtual reality experience. Samsung wants to make sure the browser performance is fast and reliable all the time so it has implemented the Service Worker API.  As with the other Marshmallow updates, the Samsung Galaxy devices will get the Doze Mode and App Standby mode, app permissions, Now on Tap, and better battery life. The mobile OS update also adds support for MIDI protocol.

SOURCE: Samsung