While some users are still waiting for Android 6.0 Marshmallow to eventually reach their devices, some lucky owners of the Moto X Play will already be receiving their 6.0.1 update soon. Well, at least, if they live in Canada and India. Motorola announced that they will be rolling out the update to those regions, and of course several goodies will be included, including new emojis, easier ways to launch the camera, and of course the all-important security patch.

It may not sound sexy or exciting, but security patches in every update are probably the most important part. Given that so many threats have come out of the woodwork lately, Google’s commitment to release regular security updates is pretty significant. But of course we need new features, and if you’re crazy about emojis, you’ll now get the Unicode 8.0 update which brings more than a hundred new ones so you can continue chatting with your friends without using any words.

If you take photos often, and most of the time on the fly, you need to have a quick access button to launch your camera. Well, the Marshmallow update kinda brings you a solution as you can now launch your cam by just double-pressing the power button on your Moto X Play. You can now also turn on and off the shutter sound of your camera whenever you like. Just remember to turn it off if you’re stealthily taking pictures.

The update is only 388MB so it should be pretty fast and easy to update your Moto X Play. But remember, Android 6.0.1 is only available for now for that particular device in Canada and India.

SOURCE: Motorola

VIA: GSM Arena