It was just recently when Google announced a new update for Android Lollipop – that is in the form of Android 5.1 which came out just around a week ago. But today we saw a new build of the Android 5.1 available for download for the Nexus 6 flagship phone, which more than likely means the build will start rolling out to other Nexus devices as well.

Last week’s Android 5.1 build was coded LMY47D – this is how we know that the new build for the Nexus 6 is a new one, as it carries an updated name code, which is LMY47E. The improvements in this build are pretty minor – they all have to do with the build’s radio image, which for us means that software that controls the different signals your device can take, like Wi-Fi, cellular signals and Bluetooth connectivity. There is no word on what exactly changed, but the update is pretty small to begin with.

That said, our friends at the XDA forums have put out a rooted fully stock build of Android 5.1. This is fresh after Chainfire announced that his teams CF-Auto-Root process is now working for Android 5. As well. Check out the official thread at XDA if you want to get this on your device. The caveat is – the rooted build is still LMY47D, so it’s not the latest one. But if you need root access, then this is the way to go.

The new Android 5.1 build can now be downloaded at the Nexus stock image repository (see source link below). There is no news on whether this new build will roll out via OTA to Nexus 6 devices soon.

SOURCE: Google