The latest and greatest version of Android Lollipop at this point is Android 5.1, and it is steadily pushing out to all the Nexus devices – which is a great advantage of being Google’s premier line of devices, as you are always first in line to get the newest version of the OS. Even the Nexus Player – Google’s round-shaped digital HD TV output box which also leads a double-life as an Android casual gaming console – is getting its own version of Android 5.1.

If you are an owner of a Nexus Player box, please do watch out for an over-the-air (OTA) update pushing to you soon – getting your Android TV operating system up to the latest one. There are no clear indications as of now, but there doesn’t seem to be a major aesthetic change to the user interface.


One thing people have noticed is the addition of a reboot option, pretty much like the Chromecast where the reboot function is essential. This was a good idea to add to the Nexus Player, and we wonder what other small things have been changed from the previous version.


If you’ve noticed anything new, feel free to buzz us via the comments section. If you don’t have any idea what the Nexus Player is – we would wonder why, but as we are here to help, check out our review of Google’s premier Android TV box.

VIA: Talk Android