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A special update for the Android 5.0 Lollipop of Moto G in India has just been released to bring more features and enhancements. Motorola noted that once you update your Moto G to Android 5.0 Lollipop, you wouldn’t be able to downgrade to the previous software version. I’m sure you wouldn’t think of doing that because this version brings a lot of improvements to the smartphone. Most notable changes are in areas of how you interact with the mobile device and visual style.

Visual style has been enhanced, thanks to Google’s Material Design requirements. A more colorful look and feel can be observed. Notice the more fluid animations, as well as, changes in the design of widgets, system themes, and colors.

Behavior and format of notifications have been changed too to give Moto G users a better, more relevant, and timely information. You’ll notice notifications on the lock screen are ranked by type and whoever sent them. To open one, simply tap on the screen twice. To clear one or all notifications, swipe left or right.

It’s up to the user to set the privacy and priority of each app. If you set high priority notifications, they will pop over other apps so you can see them and take action immediately. If you have Android devices that are connected, one dismissed notification will be dismissed across all devices.

Another change includes Downtime and Ambient Display settings where you can further customize behavior of notifications. The Downtime setting can allow only priority interruptions during the day or time you schedule. Meanwhile, Ambient Display setting can show notifications without having to turn on the phone’s full display. The latter can be changed in the Display menu in Settings.

You can also choose to allow none, all, or only priority interruptions. You can personalize behavior of interruptions according to your preference and specify people from your contacts and see reminders, calls, messages, and events from them.

The previous Recents area is now called Overview. It has been redesigned to include apps and separate activities within those apps. The likes of your Gmail inbox, draft email message, or a tab open in Chrome can be included and shown for easier switching among the tasks.

The Motorola Assist feature now integrates with the new Dowtime settings. You can control and set when you don’t want to be disturbed using the new Interruptions settings. These changes allow the user to customize exceptions.

Android 5.0 Lollipop also brings flashlight option to the Quick settings. Simply swipe down two fingers from the status bar to see. And if you want to share your phone, you can also set up multiple user accounts. This will come in handy if you want to give texting and calling privileges to other people but you want to restrict access to your phone. Major apps like Motorola Gallery, Motorola FM Radio, and Motorola Camera support multiple user accounts but other Motorola experiences like Motorola Connect and Motorola Assist are for the phone’s owner only.

For parents who want to keep their children from accessing other areas of the phone, they can use Screen pinning to “pin” the game. This will prevent the kids to navigating the phone.

Other important enhancements include the Battery settings panel now showing estimated time left while charging or discharging. There’s also a new battery saver mode that will reduce background data operations and performance to extend battery life.

You can expect performance of your Moto G is optimized after you upgrade to Android Lollipop. With the new Android Runtime, each app installed on your device will undergo a one-time optimization process so make sure you have enough space.

Lastly, the Smart Lock feature will benefit trusted devices the most. There’s native support to allow trusted devices like a Bluetooth headset or your Moto 360 to keep phone unlocked. The old trusted device feature has been changed to the Smart Lock so you will have to add trusted devices again once you upgrade to Lollipop.

According to Motorola, battery of your Moto G must be at least 50% and phone must be connected to a WiFi network to ensure a successful installation of Android 5.0 Lollipop. No mention though about the size of the whole Android 5.0 Lollipop software update.

SOURCE: Motorola Mobility


  1. Its just pre-requirement update of framework from playstore. You need to have this to get update in coming days. THIS IS NOT ACTUAL 5.0 UPDATE. This is just preparation for Lollipop. Update your phone and be ready. Also, updates are released as per region.Take time to read some articles and increase your brain. Useless and ignorant people.

  2. Those release notes are there for more than two weeks, the update is not released yet. If you have time to write there two pages please use 5 more secounds for a google search.


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