More and more people are getting themselves excited for their smartphones and tablets to be upgraded to Android 5.0 by their manufacturers, and Samsung users are not exempt from the hype. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – last year’s flagship phablet – is scheduled to get a bump to Lollipop, but lo and behold, here we have a Lollipop build leaked for the device.

The build leaked at XDA developers forum is for the Galaxy Note 3 SM-9005 model and weighs in at a hefty 1.1GB. The build is taken from the “N9505XXUGBNL8” software bundle. The build hasn’t gone live yet, and is probably not official, but most of the features work – all the Android 5.0 experience and a re-built Touchwiz – this late into Samsung’s software development process.


The update should be pretty straightforward for those who know how to flash with Odin software, a common tool for those who like tweaking their devices. We will again remind you that flashing your device with the new software build will delete the data partitions of your device – so it is important for you to make a backup of your device and data before you go through with it.

The update will cause your to start up longer during the first boot process, so do not panic if starting up after the flash process will take longer. If you are interested in this build, check out the official forum thread here via XDA.



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