If a leaked image is correct, Google amy already be working on an update for Android 4.4. From Myce, the site which brought us so much news of KitKat prior to launch, we learn that there is mention of a newer Android version on the Chromium site. If the information proves to be correct, we could see this new version before the year is out.

Initially marked for Google eyes only, the Chromium bug tracker mentioning the newer version of Android is now available to all. This new bug is about a week old, suggesting some internal testing is already underway. There isn’t much detail to it, and it seems pretty benign, but the gritty details could be telling.

Dubbed KOT31B, the code suggests both the build and timeline for release. K is the tag for KitKat, while the O still mystifies. The T is a quarterly tag, which started with A in Q1 2009 and Cupcake. The number 31 coincides with the day of each quarter, so this would be the 31st day of the fourth quarter — October 31st, the day KitKat was released. The B relates to the build, with A having been the initial build. In that circumstance, B is the second KitKat build. All told, this relates to the second build of the K version of KitKat, released on October 31st of 2013.


Google notes that the numbering is not 100% reliable, so we’re not overly excited yet. While the notation on the bug tracker is innocuous, speaking to list item background colors, Google tucking it away for internal use isn’t. Now we’re wondering what a new KitKat build could bring to the table.