It looks like another Android 4.4 Kit Kat leak has surfaced. This latest leak is arriving as a series of images and as such, is offering a bit of a look at some of the upcoming features. Anyway, while there is not much to indicate these aren’t the real deal, they are showing a build that is still being referred to as Key Lime Pie. Not to mention, they are dated August 28th.

That being said, this just goes to imply that some of these items could potentially change before Kit Kat officially arrives for the end user. Or for that matter, some of these items may have already changed. One interesting aspect here comes in with some of the other Google products. Some mentioned here include Google Keep and Drive as well as Quickoffice.

Coincidentally, that last item seems to make a bit of sense given Google recently released a free version of Quickoffice for everyone. Otherwise, the UI changes appear to be rather minimal based on what we are seeing here. There are some noticeable differences in the dialer and there appears to be a few new options tucked away in the photo editor.

In terms of photo editing, some of the new goodies look to include Tilt-Shift and Center Focus as well as effects including Negative and Posterize. There also appears to be new support for printing. One could speculate this would be based off of Google Cloud Print, but regardless of how this is implemented — it appears to be pretty standard in terms of features. The options here point towards the user being able to print to a local printer or save locally as a PDF. This also connects to options for paper size, page numbers to print and the number of copies.


Previous rumors about the white icons in the notification bar also appear to have been confirmed in this latest series of images. Here we see an image showing white icons for WiFi, cellular, battery and the clock. Looking at the settings and it appears as if there is a new entries for Payments. There wasn’t much said in the way of payments, however we would be surprised if this didn’t somehow tie in with Google Wallet.


Anyway, while this leak appears to be offering a good look at what can be expected with Kit Kat, we do have to remember these are from an earlier build and thing are likely to have changed a bit over time. With that in mind, we now look towards Google for an official unveil, which we are expecting to happen a bit later in the month.

SOURCE: Gadget Helpline