After a soak test, Verizon DROID owners are set to get Android 4.4 soon. The update is rolling out gradually, and affects all new DROID devices via Verizon. With that, you can expect your DROID Ultra, Maxx, and Mini to get KitKat soon, but don’t get overly excited. The update comes with a few catches.

The KitKat experience on the DROID lineup will differ slightly from that found on the Nexus 5. Users will still have the blue icons up top, and be relegated to the Jelly Bean dialer and home screen. Though not a huge deal, no reason has been given for Verizon’s use of “expired” aspects of Android on a new iteration.

Aside from those three things, the KitKat experience will remain the same as with other handsets. You can choose which service hosts your messaging, go between ART and Dalvik, and the new transparency framework is around. Of course, you won’t get the new Google Now launcher, which is still left to the Nexus 5.

If you don’t yet have the update, don’t fret. Verizon is rolling it out in stages, and you’ll be getting yours soon enough. Also, keep in mind this affects those DROID handsets introduced last year, not all DROID devices. Though not the fastest update we’ve ever seen, and keeps some Jelly Bean touches, it’s good to see DROIDs finally getting the update love they deserve.