Google attracted quite a bit of attention earlier this morning when they dropped the name for an upcoming Android release. We are referring to Android 4.4, which has officially been dubbed Kit Kat. Yes, as in the candy bar. While some may be thinking Google is playing a joke, the details have come by way of Sundar Pichai who has not only shared an image of the Kit Kat statue on the lawn at Google, but also the Android 4.4 teaser page.

While Google attracted some attention, it seems we now have some goodies coming from the company itself. The official @KITKAT Twitter account has said they are “proud to unwrap Android KITKAT” and we have also seen a rather entertaining video posted on the Kit Kat YouTube channel. The video is on the shorter side and comes in at just a little more than a minute.

Perhaps key here, the video spoofs a tech announcement. Some of the highlights here include how the Kit Kat has “adjustable orientation” that allows it to “work perfectly in portrait or landscape for a truly panoramic taste experience that will leave you up in the cloud.” The rest of the video touches on the global coverage (even at work), a 10mm thickness, one finger length, four finger width and options for 2 mega-bites, 4 mega-bites and a chunky-bite option.

Candy related spoofs aside, a recent Vancouver Sun article revealed how Google approached Hershey “about six to nine months again for permission to use the name.” That bit came by way of Jennifer Podhajsky, vice-president of U.S. chocolate at Hershey who also spoke about how “Kit Kat’s jingle is a good fit for people taking a break to look at their smartphones or tablets.” And on the flips side, she also touched on how “Kit Kat consumers are young, vibrant consumers of candy and chocolate bars, and that’s a nice match with Android.”

All that being said, while we imagine some are still surprised about the name — one thing is certain in that there seems to be much more chatter for Kit Kat in just this one day alone than there ever was for Key Lime Pie. As of now we are looking towards October as a potential timeframe for release. We are also hoping Google doesn’t make us all wait till October 31, which is Halloween and also the day for both tricks and treats.



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