HTC has a spotty record of device support. In one instance they promise updates, and the next they withdraw support. That seems to have changed with the One, and we hope the news coming form HTC today is more proof of that.

In a statement to Android Central, HTC noted they’d have the HTC One updated to Android 4.4 “within 90 days”. They also committed to bringing the good stuff Sense 5.5 brings to the table along with it. If you’re an HTC One mini or Max owner, HTC is a little more vague, but continues to promise support.

The mini and Max will get Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 after the flagship One, but HTC didn’t commit to a timeframe as they did the One. That’s as vague as Android 4.4 coming to Nexus devices (save for the Galaxy Nexus) in “coming weeks”. At least with the Nexus devices, we have a rough timeline… the mini and Max aren’t so lucky.

We’re hopeful HTC will follow through and not delay support until they simply don’t have to anymore. Given that they were so quick to answer, we’re inclined to believe them. Of course, we have history telling us something else entirely will happen, but we really believe HTC can buck that trend.