Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, Z1, and Z Ultra users can now update their smartphone units to the latest and greatest version of Android Kitkat, as Sony has begun rolling out the 4.4.4 updates to these models. It was actually the Z1 Compact who got the update a day before the Z1 – last year’s flagship model – and the Z Ultra also were included in the list.

As you may remember, we were only just cleaning away the dust after the arrival of 4.4.3 when Google suddenly and unexpectedly came out with update 4.4.4. At first most thought that this was Google’s reaction to the Towelroot app – an application that has made it so much easier to give root access to a lot of smartphone units. It turns out that the update is mainly a security fix, and the Towelroot app is still usable at this point.

According to Sony’s update page, they’ve packed in some of their own updates with the 4.4.4 rollout for these handsets, officially tagged as Firmware 14.4.A.0.108. Apart from Google’s security fixes, Sony’s changelog lists an “updated and improved camera experience” and the “latest versions of our Sony apps” included in the update package.


Lastly, Sony also has their own bug fixes in the bundle. As of writing, the new Z1 firmware is already available in over 10 countries, with ostensibly more to follow. The Z Ultra firmware, as of now, is available in 8 countries. To check if there is an update available for your unit, click here to go to Sony’s Xperia Care page.

VIA: Xperia Blog