It’s about time that Samsung’s premium devices get some Android 4.4.3 love, even as other smartphones have already incorporated the version in recent updates. Motorola’s Moto E, G, and X have all gotten updates, as well as Nexus and Google Play Experience devices. The update is coming to the Galaxy S5 this month, while Galaxy S4 users have to wait until July.

Android Geeks claim that the update will be for both Exynos and Snapdragon variants of Samsung’s flagship phone. It can be remembered that we reported on Samsung testing out builds for these devices, as well as the Galaxy S4 LTE-A variant, but without knowing when the updates will be arriving at that point. Well, we don’t have to wait for that information, as the schedules are now here.


What can we expect off the new version? Well, the update is majorly a bunch of bug fixes from the earlier version, mostly for Nexus devices. A number of other devices also get some minor bug fixes. The most people can expect in terms of new features in the version will be a slightly redesigned dialer, and that’s about all of it, as this version actually focuses on performance fixes. There were rumors about new navigation buttons, but those proved to be unfounded.

The updates are reportedly scheduled at the end of the month for the Galaxy S5, so it will just be a short wait before users start getting notifications about the update. It is not a major firmware update in terms of features, so users need not worry about that. Everything should be pretty straightforward when the update drops later this month for Galaxy S5 users and in July for Galaxy S4 users.

VIA: Android Geeks


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