Android 4.2 is coming, and coming soon. While we don’t know what to expect from Google and Android 4.2 or their upcoming LG Nexus 4, the details are slowly starting to leak through the cracks. What we have today is something that can’t fully be confirmed at this point, but it looks like Google will be introducing a dual or second notification pulldown bar for quick settings. Check out the video below.

The notification pulldown bar in Android has always been one of my favorite features. Showing users anything and everything in one neat and easy to access place is awesome. Google revamped this with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and introduced expandable and collapsible notifications — which now gives us tons of additional details and the option to instantly react with notifications like never before.

You’ve all seen those WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, brightness, and more toggles that grace almost every custom and manufacturer build of Android right? If not see above. Well Google might have solved that problem. Check this out!

They are calling this “Quick Settings” which is a secondary notification pulldown bar that will provide us with quick settings for everything. The video above is reportedly the LG Nexus 4 running a newer build of Android 4.2 and the image provided above is actually from a system dumb. That is the actual image currently in the second pulldown bar, and soon it will be replaced with all those widget and settings toggles we love.

To access this, after you swipe down to reveal your notifications (which now show the clock and details again) a second swipe will reveal the new and improved Quick Settings — I love it. With Jelly Bean’s notifications getting bigger and expanding with details, we need all the space we can get. Why waste two lines up top with quick settings when a simple swipe can bring them up (or down) with ease? For now we just have a placeholder image but I can’t wait to see more about this — if indeed it is true and not just some fancy hack from developers. Stay tuned as we’re about to learn more and more from Android 4.2 coming soon.

[via Android Police]