We had been expecting the Motorola ATRIX HD to get Jelly Bean sooner rather than later. In fact, Motorola had previously said that it would be available for those in the US beginning this month. And well, it looks the update has arrived. The news comes by way of AT&T who note rather simply that the update is available today.

Those rocking an ATRIX HD with AT&T will be getting Android 4.1 and they can grab the update by making sure they are connected to Wi-Fi and then navigating to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Updates. From this point, just follow the prompts and you will soon be enjoying a new dessert.

Of course, many Android users will already be familiar with what Jelly Bean will bring — but for those who need a bit of a refresher, get ready for Google Now as well as the filmstrip mode in Gallery, improved Camera focus and Project Butter. Another perk that you will see is the Quick Settings. These are just what the name implies, a quick way to access settings such as Wi-Fi.

Otherwise, another nice perk that comes along with Jelly Bean is the improved notifications. With these you will be able to do things such as see important details without having to launch the app. For example, you can see the full image from an MMS message or see the full text from an SMS message. Bottom line here, if you are carrying an ATRIX HD — go and get your Jelly Bean update.

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[via AT&T]