Widgets are now able to be stretched with only a few lines of XML. Important of photos will soon be able to be imported directly to your Android device, your XBox controller will soon be able to be used with your tablet, and more. Android 3.1 Honeycomb will soon be on Google TV as well as tablets as well. Very exciting items. Coming up in this as well. Check back in this post for additional news bits as well as the IO 2011 tag for additional bits.

How and when the update will be coming to the rest of the devices in the Honeycomb family will be announced later this week if we’re lucky! Currently the word is that it’ll be released VERY soon to Verizon 3G customers – this essentially means it’ll be out on the Motorola XOOM before any other platform. Have a look below at some videos of features that’ll come standard with the upgrade:

[vms 3575f29eab4bac787b91]

Voice Recognition for Video Focus