Well now! It appears that an intrepid young man or lady from the Android Community discussion forums has come forth with a package for peace – what appears to be the entirety of Android 3.0 Honeycomb’s stock wallpaper gallery. A whole group of 30 wallpapers for you to download for free and apply to your non-Honeycomb device are now up for grabs.

Head on over to this thread and be sure to thank big H for his or her work, we assume these were found in the depths of the Honeycomb SDK that was released yesterday. What other gems will be discovered?

NOTE: the download is a Megaupload download, which means you’ll have to wait for 40 seconds unless you’ve got a paid account. After 40 seconds or so on the clock, you’ll be able to download the zip file containing all 30 wallpapers for free.

[Via Android Community Discussion Forums]


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