We were tapping around our Motorola XOOM a little bit, looking for object to post about, and what should we find? A big fat bee! In a similar manner to easter eggs of the past, this one’s found on everyone’s favorite screen. Open up your Settings screen, click on Info, and find the Android version 3.0. Click the Android version bar repeatedly. Over and over and over again until whoa! What’s that big bee doing there?! He is buzzing.

The bee appears floating over whatever homescreen background you’ve got running and will have a momentary message that says “REZZZZZZZ…” Above you’ll see the bee flying around some clouds which we’ve got running as an animated wallpaper. You can grab this free wallpaper from the Android Marketplace by clicking [here] or by scanning the QR-code below. This is one of the many top-downloaded live wallpapers as created by our pals at Kittehface Software.

If you click the thumbnails below you’ll be able to see the location unto which you must click as well as the two ways the easter egg can be displayed. For more awesome live wallpapers and such from Kittehface, simply head to our sweet little [Kittehface specific portal]. AND know that if you find any more easter eggs yourself, feel FREE to post them below or via our TIP US button up top!