During his keynote address, Google’s outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt clarified speculation that’s been buzzing around MWC about the next Android OS for mobile. Schmidt said that for this unnamed future OS (which he says starts with an “I” and is a dessert [Ice Cream or Ice Cream Sandwich, obviously],) Google is going to apply some of the lessons and features learned in writing Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for tablets. The future will still contain two separate versions of OS, that being a tablet track and a smartphone track, but they’ll be much more compatible upon the release of whichever version is next for mobile.

Scmidt also went on to say that current Android updates are on a six month cycle (Gingerbread was released last December with the Google Nexus S but hasn’t really populated to nearly the % of users on Froyo.) Keeping with the six month cycle, the next version of Android for mobile (be it 2.5, 2.6, or so on) may get leapfrogged and a new update released in April instead.

[via SlashGear]