The HTC Hero, the first phone ever to sport the ever popular HTC Sense interface, finally has a decent Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM in its arsenal. Named aospCMod, by XDA Developer aosp, is built from the CyanogenMod 7 nightlies. It has been out for a good while, but after the update released last night we can say that it is very stable. The main feature included in this past update is the functionality of the camera/camcorder. Hero development has decreased tremendously over the past six months, a time we all knew was coming. Fortunately a few developers have been sticking it out until the end – even as superb devices such as the Nexus S hit the shelves.

When using ADWLauncher EX, on the “fast” preset, this ROM really flys. With such limited resources every consideration has to be made to conserve them. The only issue we have had is with the natively included portable hotspot and the power-on/power-off animation. Fortunately, the Wireless Tether application still works perfectly. The animation works, but the screen density must be altered to 140 from 160 – even then it performs sluggishly. If you decide on giving aospCMod a try, it can be found here.

[Via XDA Developers]