Since Android 2.2 was released to developer’s phones recently, modders around the world has been working hard to port it to other Android devices. Froyo may be making its way to the Acer Liquid soon. A video posted by Josselin Cornou shows Android 2.2 running on the Liquid.

Unlike the fake Froyo pictures of the Droid, this Liquid is indeed running Froyo. It was able to generate linpack scores between 28-38, these numbers are possible because of JIT. The Acer Liquid runs a 1GHZ Snapdragon like the Nexus One so it should perform just as good once its modded. For some reason Acer opted to under clock its processor to 768.

From the video there are a few kinks to workout but that’s expected at this point. The home screen looks a little different then stock Android 2.2, a home replacement may have been used or the developer probably changed it a bit. Hopefully this mod will be released to the public soon so all of you Liquid owners may be joining the Nexus in some Froyo fun.


[via frandroid]