There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of people out there actively calling out for certain features for Android to adopt. While speeding up the browser may not be at the top of everyone’s list, especially considering the native Android browser is pretty quick in of itself, but we know for a fact that adding applications to your SD card is one of the most highly anticipated features ever. And, sure enough, Google has pulled the curtain off the feature.

But first, the speedier browser. Google have introduced the same JavaScript enhancements that they have installed within Google Chrome, which helps to make it so fast, which they believe makes Froyo’s mobile browser the world’s faster mobile browser. Pretty bold statement, right? Well, according to Google, and a little proof given by a quick demo at Google I/O, they are seeing 2 to 3 times faster speeds from the Froyo mobile browser, versus the browser found in Eclair.

Now for the really important part: Apps2SD. You get a whole bunch of new things thrown at you with the inclusion of this feature. First and foremost, yes, you will be able to store your applications on your SD card. More over, though, Android will do it intelligently: so if you’re running out of room, your handset will automatically move a newly installed application to your SD card. Of course, you can do it yourself, too. However, probably our favorite part, is the fact that you can launch, run, and utilize applications while they’re still loaded on the SD card. So, no restoring them back to the phone when you need them. You can put them all on the SD card and have your fun.

Additionally, you can now update your applications from the Android Marketplace. All of them. At once. You have more than one application that needs an update? Go right ahead and download them all at once, instead of having to activate all of them independently. Another great, and long-awaited feature. And, remember that new Android Marketplace for the PC? Well, it’s getting better, too. You will now be able to “queue” an application to download from the PC, and then Over the Air, your phone will initiate the download. Easy. And, finally, there’s a Quick Search Box (which pops up quite a bit in other announcements, too), that will allow you to quickly and easily find your applications on your device. Basically, just an intuitive extension to Universal Search.

The event is still going on, so stay tuned. More updates are on the way.