If you are an owner of a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or X10 mini that has been counting the days until the 2.1 Android update lands for your device, you need to start counting again. Sony has delayed the update to both of the phones.

Apparently the delay will be for a “couple more weeks”, the update was supposed to hit by the end of October according to reports. Today being the 28th, this is the end of October so that original date is out. Considering that little fact along with the history of update delays, you can bet we are looking at some time in November for this update to land if not later.

With the common delays in updates for Android devices, I always wonder exactly what the issue is. Sony has offered no reason as to why the delay is happening. The update should bring some nice new features like HD video recording with continuous autofocus for the X10 when it finally lands.